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December 5th, Burgess

"Anything yet?"

You peeked from under your arms and looked at the boy sitting on the floor of your room. Your eyes followed the tennis ball he had been playing with for a while, watching it hit the floor and the wall before landing on Jamie's hand, the cycle repeating itself over and over with a steady rhythm. Your head hit the desk softly after a minute of silence, "Nope. You?"

The bouncing noise stopped, the muffled 'thump' of someone landing on your bed reaching you short afterwards "I think I'm actually going with Sophie's idea…"

You looked up at your cousin, leaning back on your chair and stretching your back (how long have you been sitting there?) "Really?"

"Yeah" He laughed a little and shrugged as much as he could while lying down "Why not? I think he'll like it."

You tried picturing the Easter Bunny wearing one of Sophie's designs –which were resting on a pile on the desk– and only managed to get yourself laughing "Yeah, he probably will." In a swift movement you jumped from your chair and landed face first on your bed, the [f/c] covers messy under the two of you "At least you have a plan…"

And you were damn jealous of your cousin for that.

Normally, having a gift exchange with some friends would be fairly easy –even if you weren't the best at giving presents. A no brainer, all in all. But when Jamie translated your idea of 'friends' into 'the Guardians', everything became as complicated as flying kites during a storm.

I mean, what can you give to someone who has lived long enough to know every corner of the world by memory? Or to someone that can materialize your dreams right in front of you?

But any –and I'm serious when I say any– of the other guardians would have been easier than the one you got.

But your fate was sealed the moment you took out that paper. Really, the small layer of frost on it should have been enough, but it wasn't until you opened it and saw Jack's name written in it that you knew this was going to be nigh impossible.

You had known the Winter Spirit long enough to know what he wouldn't like: Anything even resembling a book was immediately scratched out of the list, along with a new sweater (he really loved that blue hoodie, no matter how many frost patches it had) or anything that would require recharging or electricity to function; he would either be too lazy to go get batteries, or simply grow bored of waiting for it to work again, and the fact that he lived in a forest didn't help that cause.

Anything easily breakable was out of the question (for obvious reasons), and the list went on and on, all your ideas discarded as the hours went by. So now the thing was figuring out what you could give him that he would like.

Easier said than done.

Truth be told, the reason why Jack was the hardest one to get a gift for –besides the fact that he was impatient as a four year old and got bored just a fast– was mostly because of you and you not-so-dumb teenage crush on the white haired sprite.

Ever since you met Jack, something about him seemed different from the other Guardians, but even today you can't really tell what it was; it'd be foolish trying to explain it after five years. It started of fairly normal, really, just a simple (as simple as it gets with Jack, that is) friendship that escalated into the almost sibling-like relationship he has with Jamie. Guess it went sideways somewhere along the way, because by the time you moved in with your cousins two years ago those icy blue eyes could make your cheeks gain heat, or even worse, make you giggle like an idiot.  

You ran a hand through the [h/c] mess you dared call hair, ruffling it up a little and groaning lightly. If you didn't have the two and a half week deadline left, you'd be doomed.

Jamie, knowing of your dilemma, tried to sit up and give you some comfort…

Only to be knocked to the ground by a rather strong gust of freezing air.

'Well, speak of the devil' You greeted the newcomer without looking up, Jamie just able to groan from the floor.

"Jeez guys, don't bother getting up." You could practically hear the smirk in Jack's voice, and were thankful that you were lying face down to hide your goofy smile.

You felt the air around the room move, and before you even had time to wonder, a pair of legs landed on your back. You tapped Jack's knee, his long legs lifting up just long enough to let you get on your side before falling back down on your hip.

Being used as furniture for each other's comfort was routine to you all by now.

"Hey Jack." Jamie finally managed to climb on the bed again, sitting with his back against the wall "What's up?"

"That's what I wanted to ask you two." you propped yourself up with your elbow, raising a brow curiously "I haven't seen either of you in days. Are you like, hibernating or something?" he looked down at you for a moment before looking up at the ceiling.

"No," Jaime had a bit of laughter in his voice, quite contagious by the way "but [f/n] here won't leave the house."

Jack's brows knitted together, and his hands left their spot from behind his head to push himself up. You immediately went back to lying on your stomach, avoiding his gaze at all costs. Jaime took it upon himself to answer Jack's unasked question.

"[y/g] too worried about the whole 'Secret Santa' deal to think of anything else."

"Seriously?" a groan was the only response he got "Come on, this whole thing is supposed to be fun, and as my center dictates, I intend to keep it that way." chest puffed out, he did a heroic pose and you couldn't help but smile. You rested your chin in your palms and looked up at him.

"Is that so?" You asked lazily, unable to keep your smile to yourself.

Jack knew he had you, and with a smile of his own he made the wind turn him around so that he could float upside down by the window. His eyes closed for a second as he hummed a 'mmhmn' and opened the window with his staff "Now come on, the weather its extra nice today thank to yours truly, and it'd be a shame to waste it. Besides, going out might help you get inspired."

You knew he had a point, your [e/c] watching his definition of 'nice weather', which consisted of two feet deep snow and a partially clear sky (it did look like the perfect snowy day, if your opinion counts for anything). There was no way you would ever come up with something for the Winter Spirit by just watching your four walls all day long, but you had been sitting down for so long that you weren't even sure you could walk.

"Alright," you hid your face on one of the pillows that hadn't fallen to the ground and gave them a mumbled "just give me five minutes."

If you looked up now you would see Jamie and Jack sharing a poker face, which soon turned into a smirk before a nice amount of frost was created on the back of your neck. You shot up and looked around in time to see Jack laughing hard enough to fall to the ground, his staff following suit.

"Jack Frost, I'm going to kill you!"

Even if his eyes widened his laughter was still present as he picked up his staff and flew out the window, calling at you over his shoulder with a 'Not if you can't catch me!~' before shouting in joy. Taking your [f/c] scarf and wrapping it around your neck in hopes of melting the ice that covered you from shoulders to ears, you jumped out, thankful as ever to have your room on the first floor of the house, and chased after the Guardian of Fun.


December 23th, North Pole

Finally, after three weeks of raking your brains trying to figure something out, the night of the gift exchange was upon you. Santa's workshop was buzzing with activity, toys that seemed to have life of their own flying around, yetis and elves running all over the place, the later giving the former an even harder time with the burden they already had.

It was almost Christmas after all.

Considering how much North had to do at this time of the year, you all decided to simply give each other your gifts and hang out for a while, much to North's gratitude. At the moment you were all on the room where the globe filled with lights was, talking to one another until Jamie decided that the time for the 'event' as he put it, had come.

The now fourteen year old kid was the unofficial (although no one would say that out loud) planner for the whole thing, organizing, giving you a deadline and even adding a single, unbreakable rule. This last seemed silly at first, but just now you noticed just how much of a genius your cousin could be.

The one rule to this thing was that you could only ask help from one person, and no one else could know who you were giving a gift to. Thanks to that absolutely no one knew who their Secret Santa was, avoiding the typical 'I already know who gives me my gift' that always happens in this things.

Your helper all throughout it had been Jamie. Even if you met Jack with just a few months of difference, your cousin got the chance to spend more time with the Guardian before you moved in with your uncles, making him the best option to help you out. In return you and Sophie had helped him with his present for Bunnymund, much to the girl's excitement.

Your eyes were fixed on the tiny lights that shined around the globe, your heart dropping as a few went out but filling with joy as even more turned on in their place. But even with the hypnotizing lights dancing in front of you, your [e/c] darted to the table filled with gifts on the other side of the room. Some of the presents weren't there, why you didn't know, but yours was among the missing ones.

The whole thing had been Jamie's idea, saying that Jack would enjoy a small 'treasure hunt' if you will; especially if you used some more help to accomplish it. You swallowed hard, hoping and praying that this would work and you wouldn't make a complete fool of yourself tonight.

You had (with some help from your accomplices) managed to get some information from each of the Guardians about Jack, getting far more that you thought you would. From Tooth's opinion on his 'perfectly white teeth' (which are indeed as white as his hair, mind you), to how North saw Jack as almost a son. Some of the things you learned were far more personal than you would have expected, and you were sure that you would deal with snow-related problems for the rest of your life if you dare repeat them.

But even with all that, you still second thoughts yourself about this. You didn't even know how you wanted him to react, and that is quite a lot to say. What if he didn't want it? Man, that'd hurt… you thought, trying to focus on anything but the presents and the white haired Guardian currently flying around with Bunnymund chasing after him.

And good thing you did, because a loud, yet soft buzzing sound filled your ears so quickly you barely had time to react. You managed to pull your [f/c] scarf over your mouth just as Tooth spun you around, her hummingbird-like fairies hovering behind her. Her bright eyes and smile covered your entire line of sight, and it was impossible for you not to blink a few times in surprise.

That's when she noticed your scarf, and with a defeated sigh placed you back on the ground (When on Earth did she get you in the air?), her fairies mimicking her dramatic expression.

"Tooth…" it was so hard to keep the laughter out of your voice, but it was the third time she tried this on the past hour, and it was getting ridiculous.

"I know, I know." she gave you a puppy look, much to your dismay; she could be terribly cute when she wanted too "But they're so nice! I just got carried away…"

You gave her a blank stare, your [e/c] eyes showing no emotion at all as she rubbed her forearm and twisted one of her feathers with her free hand. You gave a small sigh and took a hold of the scarf's edge.

"Just a look, okay?"

She beamed and nodded happily, flying so close to your face that you almost took a step back. Instead of running away from the army of fairies that surrounded you, you pulled down the scarf and, after a moment of silence, smiled as exaggeratedly as you could.

Thousands of little eyes (and a pair of huge violet-pink ones) watched you in awe, a few squeals heard here and there. Tooth got, yet again, carried away, and even though her hands never touched you, she did take some time to tell her fairies why your teeth were so clean.

You rolled your eyes and finally put your lips back together, rubbing your tired cheeks slowly. The things I do for them sometimes… Your eyes suddenly locked with blue ones, a smirk that spoke a hundred words on Jack's lips. Your tired cheeks filled with heat and in that moment you couldn't have felt more embarrassed. Jack laughed under his breath, shaking his head a bit while his eyes lingered on yours.

You covered your face with your hands, but your smile and laughter could be noticed by anyone in the room.

"Oh, how I wish I had a camera." The cold breeze told you of his presence way before he spoke, but the only thing you did to acknowledge him was grunt "What?" Jack laughed out "A nice smile is nothing to be ashamed of."

"Especially as nice as yours!" Tooth chimed in, clearly unaware of your discomfort "I knew you'd follow the advice I gave you last time!" you were lifted from the ground by her for the second time that night, your [e/c] widening at the strength the fairy had to carry you –and shake you– like if you were nothing but a ragdoll. The death hug ended just as fast as it came, your [h/c] hair spiked up and messy from it. Tooth was gone and talking with Sandy before you could even blink.

You turned around, only to see Jack's shoulders slumping playfully "Awww, that's no fair. Where's my hug?"  

You looked at him while combing your [h/l] hair with your fingers, trying to get it back in place "What? Want one?" The small smile that had been at your lips a second ago grew into a full grin, your brows going skywards when Jack pouted and stuffed his hands in the front pocket of his hoodie, all the while nodding shortly. His staff somehow balanced on its own next to the Winter Spirit.

"Awww." You cooed. Now, this was by far the sweetest thing you had seen in your life, that's for sure. He looked at you through his eyelashes, his blue eyes like those of a puppy. His brows made him look pleading and shy. You immediately wrapped your arms around his shoulders, unable to hold back "Come here you~"

He took a small step backwards before standing straighter, and for a brief moment you actually thought we would pull away. After a few tense moments of Jack not moving you let out a sigh, which came out more like a laugh than anything. Being so close to him caused your breath to form white clouds in front of your face. You held him a tad closer, searching for some warmth before you realized he was probably the coldest thing in the entire room, and felt quite dumb for reaching that conclusion just now.

You were about to –in all honesty, quite stupidly– point this out when Jack relaxed into the hug. But even more surprising, his arms wrapped around your waist and refused to let go.

Your brows didn't really know if they wanted to furrow or hit the top of your forehead, actual surprise filling you at the time. You had hugged Jack thousands of times in the past, but this just felt… different.

His nose resting on the crook of your neck only worked to back that last thought up.

You took a glance at him, your [e/c] orbs only able to see some tuffs of white hair from your position, not really knowing what was the best thing to do right now; I mean, should you push him away or…

Screw it.

You let your arms wrap around his neck rather than his shoulders and moved your head until your cheek was resting on his soft hair.

A couple seconds went by before whatever spell had consumed you broke abruptly, and your surroundings came crashing in. Without moving from Jack's grasp, you frantically looked around, your brain half expecting for someone's eyes to lock with yours. Much to your relief, and immediate suspicions, the only one who spared you two a glance was Jamie, his knowing smile saying more than you would like to understand at the time.

Now, either everyone else in the room has amazing acting skills, or they seriously haven't noticed what's going on over here.

Your cousin seemed to sense your nervousness to being watched and clapped his hands, directing all the attention to himself "Alright guys, who's ready for some gift exchange!" Sandy and Tooth –fairies included– rushed to the table, giggling and asking to hand out their presents first.

Before anyone had the chance to wonder you cleared your throat half-heartedly and parted from the Winter Spirit. He shifted slightly, fiddling with his hands for a moment before you decided to break the silence.

"Well," you sighed, for once content with idea of giving Jack his gift "you ready?"

"Are you kidding?" and just like magic, the old carefree Jack was back "I'm always ready when it comes to presents." taking his staff, wind arrived soon afterward to carry him away, but not before he smoothed down a strand of hair you missed after Tooth's hug.


"I must say Sandy, you really outdid yourself this time." if possible, Sandy blushed and gave North a small smile, the rest of you watching the hourglass the former had given to the later. Filled with dream sand, the object would create small images whenever it was turned, showing dreams that went from dolphins to the Guardians themselves.

"Yeah, this is amazing!" Jamie said, his smile growing as the sand inside the glass morphed from a hen on its nest, to a small hummingbird.

Sandy simply waved his hand, cuddling more into the comfortable-looking blanket North had given him a few minutes earlier. What would normally be a very simple thing was actually a collaboration from Jack and North, the blanket decorated with fern-like patterns much like the ones Jack did with his staff (mentioning this last earned you the sexiest wink you've seen), each of them filled with enough dream sand so that Sandy could gain some sort of control over the object, which included, amongst other things, making it appear and disappear at will.

He seemed amazingly pleased with it, considering he wrapped himself in it so many times that it looked like a cocoon.

Actually, everyone looked happy with the gifts that had already been handed out. Jamie had been playing around with his new sled, courtesy of Jack, tapping the ice blades wherever he got the chance. Apparently this ice was 'the finest there is' as Jack put it, and wouldn't melt. It'd also made Jamie's rides faster and smoother, much to the boy's happiness; still a nine year old inside, you guessed.

You were also happy with what you got, the whole thanking Tooth and every single one of her fairies actually not as tedious as you thought. Well, all her fairies but one, but weren't about to point that out just yet. Two more minutes, you decided as the fourth group of fairies came at you from every direction and hugged you as best as they could.

"I'm so glad you liked it, the girls put so much into it that I was thinking it wouldn't count as my gift anymore." the Tooth Fairy let out a small laugh, edging on nervous, and rubbed her arm.

You ruffled up a random fairy's feathers "Tooth, this thing is amazing; how could I not like it?" And amazing it was indeed. The object itself was a dreamcatcher, painted a bright [f/c] color and with a couple of feathers and seashells hanging at the bottom.

Apparently Tooth's fairies brought a lot more than just teeth back home when they got the opportunity.

You smiled at each other, but Tooth's smile turned into a curious frown as she glanced around the room "Hey, have you seen Jack?" sometimes it surprised you what things could slip past Tooth, considering that the missing Guardian had been gone for the past five minutes. That, and the fact that one of her fairies left with him.

You shrugged casually and placed the dreamcathcher back on its box "He went to look for his gift," you swallowed down your nerves and added "and it's about time I go see if he found it."


Your footsteps echoed through the surprisingly empty hallway, your [e/c] eyes scanning every door to find the one you wanted. A playful 'Baby, stop it!' and a laugh made you turn right, the only dark wooden door appearing seconds later.

You glanced inside and saw Jack trying, and failing, to catch Baby Tooth (aka. your second accomplice) who buzzed around the room dragging a small key along with her. You smiled at his annoyed yet clearly amused look and stepped on the doorway without being noticed by the Guardian of Fun.

After a moment, Baby realized you were waiting for her to be done and, with one incredibly sharp turn, made Jack fly into the couch in the room. He looked up and saw your amused eyes, but before he could ask you anything, your little partner in crime landed on your shoulder.

"Thank you Baby T, that'd be all for now." she dropped the key on your hand and, with a final salute, flew away and down the same corridor you came before.

"Wait. You?" Jack rubbed his head, probably from his collision with the couch, and placed his staff on a nearby table, next to the golden piece of paper that read 'Follow me' that Baby Tooth had used to get Jack to chase after her.

"Yup." you twirled the key in your hands before throwing it to a surprised Jack "Took me a while to figure out what to give you, so you better appreciate it." a toothy grin was the last thing you saw before he literally threw himself at the corner you directed him to.

Impatient like a four year old… you chuckled as Jack unlocked a small chest that was on the floor, and held your breath as he looked inside. Even with his back facing you, you could see him tilting his head to the side, pull out what was inside, and instantaneously freeze where he was.

After a moment of tense silence he stood, his back still turned to you, and practically chocked out "How?"

You took a step inside the room, not liking how stiff his shoulders looked "Jamie told me about it and Nor-"

"No," he shook his head to make his point clearer "I… how did you get them?"

Two more steps forward and you were practically able to reach out and touch him "I have my ways." you expected at least a small laugh, but he simply looked down at the object in his hand. You sighed, staring down at your shoes rather than him "Baby Tooth went to the house two weeks ago looking for you to tell you about it, but Tooth got there before I could go get you. She had to make sure they were the right ones before anything."

You pushed a [h/l][h/c] lock out of your face, not really knowing what else to do with your hands, thinking on what exactly could be going through Jack's mind.

You hadn't been there when they took out Pitch Black, and what you knew you had heard from stories, but you had a clear picture of what had happened.

After Tooth's fairies had been able to fly again, they took as many teeth as they could with them and decided to go back for the rest later. But when they returned Pitch had already been attacked by his fearlings, the entrance now blocked by who-knows-how-many tons of rock, not to mention the now master-less NightMares trapped inside.

Throughout the years, some of the bravest fairies managed to dig a hole big enough to sneak out some of the lost teeth, and even if they were doing some considerable progress, there were still some left down there. Their last mission down there had been exactly two weeks ago, with Baby Tooth leading a small team underground.

And that was how Emma Overland Frost's teeth had appeared after five years of being missing.

You knew Jack had asked for them plenty of times, but finally considered them as a lost cause and stopped his pleads to the Tooth Fairy. And now, like out of thin air, his sister's memories were right on his hand.

You stuffed your hands on your pockets, finally giving up on finding a use for them at the time. Jack didn't say a word, so you continued "It took a while for the fairies to convince her, but I guess you just can't say no to that much peer pressure. We have to give them back at some point though, but you can keep them for as long as you want."

Jack looked like a statue, he didn't even seem to be breathing anymore, and you finally sighed in defeat. You tried to keep your voice even, but it was clear you were failing horribly "Or, if you don't want them we can just g-"

Thank God there was a table behind you or Jack would have knocked you both into the ground.

Your eyes went wide for a split second, but softened considerably when you realized Jack was shaking. And being a winter spirit, it clearly wasn't because of the cold. Your arms wrapped around him almost like instinct, mumbled words spilling out of his mouth at a speed that could even compete with how Baby Tooth sounded when she got excited.

You managed to make out a simple 'Thank you' and could have sworn your heart would stop working the way it was supposed to. You held the sobbing Guardian in your arms, his hands holding on to your [2f/c] coat for dear life. You moved back and forth of your heels, rocking you both and doing whatever you could think of to get him to calm down. After some minutes of failed attempts his cries subsided into shuddering breaths.

"Jack…" you pushed him lightly, the frozen tear tracks on his face making your smile soften even more. You pressed your foreheads together, and, unable to help yourself, said the most cliché thing you could think of;

"Merry Christmas, Jack."

Your spirits rose from the ground when a quiet laugh escaped Jack's lips, those blue eyes of his meeting you own [e/c] orbs for what felt like an eternity.

Knowing you'd do something you could regret later on, you put more space between the two of you, squeezing his shoulder before turning around "I'll be waiting for you back with the others, you can…"

"Wait!" an ice-cold hand wrapped around your wrist and spun you around "Don't leave, I…" his hold around the golden container tightened "I don't know if I can…"

"Jack," he looked like he was about to panic, whatever reasons he had were unknown to you "I don't even know if two people can watch a memory at the same time." Damn those eyes that could convince you of anything.

"Me neither," he placed your hands on the cold metal, his relief evident on his face "but it's worth a try." both your fingers hovered over one of the small buttons, neither of you moving "You ready?"

"Shouldn't it be me asking you that?"

"Maybe." his grin came back for a moment, and you gladly returned it "Okay, one, two…" you each pushed on a button, your sight instantly invaded by a bright light.

Flashes of a little girl that you didn't know, but who's resemblance with Jack was clear, played one by one, some too fast to fully comprehend them. You saw her running around with some other children, shuffling closer to a huge bonfire, playing on the snow with a brown haired Jack… then you saw that same Jack falling through ice, Emma's shrieks echoing through your mind painfully. You saw her crying with her mother, laughing as she walked next to a blonde boy, sitting next to a small grave and talking to nobody in special and finally the same blonde boy from before holding her hand sweetly.

The sudden jump back to reality made both Jack and you let go of the pipe-like box, Jack's reflexes the only thing that stopped it from falling to the ground. His entire body started shaking and what looked like the beginning of a brake down, turned into a short laughing fit.

"She..." he started in between laughs "She didn't forget me!" his eyes landed on yours, a total look of disbelief and amazement on his face "I couldn't remember who she was for three hundred years, but she still visited my grave and talked to it."

"Jack…" you started, but got cut off by a pair of arms wrapping around you, your body shaken from one side to the other with a vigorous speed (seriously, what's up with this guys making you feel like a toy?). His laughter was the only thing that made sense in your dizziness, the entire room spinning even after he set you down.

You tried speaking, or in the very least catching your breath, but suddenly lost all ability to.

With a hand tangling in your [h/l][h/c] locks, he pulled you by the back of your neck and crashed your lips together. Your eyes were so wide that it wouldn't have surprised you if they fell right off their sockets.

The kiss itself was improvised, careless, clearly a heat-of-the-moment thing from how happy he was, but you seriously couldn't care less at the time. If someone were to read your thoughts right now, they would probably hear this:


He pulled away far too soon for your liking, your eyes not even having the time to go back to their normal size, and let out a mix between a laugh and a sigh.

"Just… Thank you."

"Yeah, uh…" he looked at your through his lashes, a grin plastered on his handsome face, probably finding your stunned expression amusing. Not liking the idea of being the only confused person in the room –and honestly looking for any excuse to repeat what just happened– you pulled him by the collar of his sweater and reconnected you lips.

You smirked into the kiss, noting how surprised he looked before closing your [e/c] eyes. It took you two a lot longer than last time to finally succumb to the need for air. "You're welcome." was the only thing you could think to say, both of you laughing seconds later.


You finally rejoined the rest of your group, Jack and you walking rather close to each other, and the first thing you saw made Jack's salt and pepper brows go skywards.

Bunnymund was currently trying out what Jamie and Sophie had done for him, and you walked in right in the middle of an explanation.

"…This way you won't freeze your paws when you're out in the snow." your cousin concluded proudly, giving you an almost suggestive look before waving at you "Hey [f/n], where've you guys been?"

"Giving Jack his present." your tone implied that even if it was none of his business, you'd explain him later.

"Really? And where is it?" Tooth chimed in with an almost childlike expression, innocent as ever.

"It's a long story… ummm, Jack, are you alright?" the Guardian of Fun was still staring at Bunnymund, his expression torn between confusion and laughter.

"I don't even know if I want to ask." his voice finally gave ways to the laughter he was holding back, and Bunnymund looked as annoyed as he usually was with Jack, if not a little more.

"Well Frostbite, if you must know, these" he pointed at the, well, 'boots' would be the best way to describe them, that covered his back paws from his shins to the edge of his toes "are my solution to your sabotaging."

"Sabotaging?" Jack wiped a frozen tear of the corner of his eye, his laughter finally going down "You mean a little bit of innocent snow? Come on!" Bunnymund glared at Jack's mocking tone, ready to chase the other Guardian up into the roof if necessary.

"I don't know Jack," you crossed you arms, looking over at the exceptional work your younger cousins had done "they look legit."

"Thank you. See? [f/n] can recognize a good idea when [y/g] sees one." Jack simply gave the Easter Spirit a blank stare, tainted if ever so slightly by a small smirk, and raised his arms in something similar to defeat.

"Alright alright, you got me. Obviously my snow is no match to your all mighty socks." Jamie and you rolled your eye at the same, groaning inwardly "Excuse me for doubting"
Bunnymund huffed in irritation and turned right on his heels to go talk with another one of the Guardians…

Just to slip on a patch of frost that was most defiantly not there four seconds ago. Jack rested his staff on his shoulder and laughed triumphantly "Oh, sorry kangaroo, I thought you were also frost-proof with those on."

You managed no to snort, and simply kept it down into a normal laughing fit "You're mean you know?"

"Yeah," Jack gave you a smirk that could kill, and whispered only for you to hear "but you love it." a wink and a powerful gust of wind later, Jack fled from the angry bunny that chased him around the room, leaving you with an evident blush on your cheeks and a grin on your face.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~EXTENDED ENDING!!!~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

You watched, along with Jack, how Tooth and all her mini replicas all landed on Bunnymund, giving him a dead hug that would leave anyone begging for air. But Bunnymund, being Bunnymund, simply stood as still as he could giving the fairies the best smile he could muster without looking to uncomfortable.

Tooth held the egg-shaped music box she received from the other Guardian like it was the most precious possession she owned, and thanked him one last time with a kiss on the cheek before leaving to show Sandy and North what she got.

"Well ain't that sweet~" Bunnymund gave Jack a glare that could even make the Winter Spirit shiver before walking off after Tooth. You smiled lightly and sighed.

"You know," Jack glanced at you sideways "I'm actually kind of sad that this is all over. I actually enjoyed the whole 'Secret Santa' deal."

His smile grew, but he tried to look as casual as ever while he turned to stand in front of you "Well, I wouldn't say it's over yet." you cocked a brow at him, taking a step back when he stepped forward.

"Whatever do you mean?"

"You see, when we were taking out our papers I kind of, pulled two out by accident…" he rubbed his neck and cleared his throat "and I thought it was only fair to give them both a little something"

Your lower back hit what you knew was the railing on the stairs "How generous of you."

Jack shrugged, his body leaning forward with every inch he advanced "I try." you noted his voice was deeper than usual, making you smile in a strange way.

"So," you leaned back as much as you could, if only to bother him a little "who might this lucky person be?" he caught on quickly and took hold of the railing, one of his arms on either side of you, taking away any chance to escape him.

Not that you wanted to, anyways.

"Uh uh. What do I get in exchange of sharing such vital information with you?" his voice was now low enough to send shivers down your spine, but you did your best to hide it. Your [e/c] eyes looked up as in deep thought, making Jack chuckle in the very back of his throat.

"How 'bout this," your fingers tugged playfully at the front pocket of his sweater "you tell me and I help you out with the gift."

Jack grinned and came so close that you could feel his cold breath on your lips "Fair enough." was all he said before closing the gap between the two of you, frozen lips capturing warm ones.

Your current thoughts?

Best. Gift. Exchange. Ever.
So, this is my collab with :iconsenysky: for the Christmas Contest here: :iconrotg-central:

She was of great help with the whole thing, from beginning to end, and in all honesty this thing wouldn't have turned out without her.

It's the first time either of us tries to do a ReaderX... and hopefully we pulled it of ^^

Oh, something important: In case you felt slightly confused, this: [y/g] is my way of keeping the Reader unisex. It stands for "your gender", and you just add 'he' or 'she' depending on what you are (am I the only one who thinks that making the Reader a female EVERYTIME is annoying?)

So yeah, Merry Christmas, hopefully Jack will visit you and give you guys some snow (Jack why don't you visit my country?!) and wish us luck :D

Comments are highly appreciated.

EDIT 26/12/13: HOLY SHEEP!!! How did this thing get over 10,000 views in only one year!? That's, like, a lot!!!! Thank you so much guys!
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