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January 10, 2013
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Hey guys *waves* So a lot of you asked for a part two, so Sky and I (and a third accomplice I shall reveal later) decided to do exactly that, and a little more.

I mean how could we not after how lovely you were last time (Seriously guys, I love you all)

'Whatever do you mean?' You might be wondering, but don't worry I'll explain everything in the description :D Have a fun time reading!

((Oh, and for those who have no idea what part one was (don't worry, you can read this without it), I'll leave the link at the end))


During – First Date Classics

Snow and frost crunched under your boots as you walked through the forest, your feet carrying you down a worn-out path, one that you had walked many times before. You knew this place to the point of knowing were the last rock was, and just when a certain tree would come into view.

Most would call it weird, but at least you wouldn't trip or crash into something as your mind travelled elsewhere, as it tended to do.

That morning you had woken up to a cold, yet comfortable, temperature in your room (anyone would have been freezing, but you spend way too much time with the winter sprite) and every window –and a glass on your bedside table– covered in frost. You would have gone right back to sleep if you hadn't caught sight of the message scribbled in your windowpane.

"Pond. 6 pm. Don't be late" it read, and you could almost picture Jack on the other side of the glass, his trademark smirk on his face as he thought of yet another way to surprise you. A rather goofy smile made its home on your face, and it took quite a while for it to leave.

The next few hours had been spent with your cousins and one of Jamie's friends, Pippa, who you found on the kitchen that morning for unknown reasons. Even if you had a fair idea of what was going on, considering Jamie's smile mirrored your own at the moment, you didn't dare say a thing. His friends already took care of that for you.

While picking out something to wear, Pippa commented on this being your first 'official' date with the Winter Spirit, only to have Sophie yell from the other room "About time!" The comment had you choking on your water before you all laughed.

You chuckled; she could be quite outspoken for an eight year old.

It was rather cold outside, but at least Jack was kind enough to form some clouds over the small town. Against all belief, the clearer the sky, the colder the day.

Once the pond came into view you took a moment to check yourself over one last time, making sure your hat was in place and that your coat –brand new from Christmas a few days ago– didn't have any price tags still on it. You checked your watch. 6:13 pm.

You smiled. What did Jamie say about being fashionably late?

"Jack?" your eyes scanned the area looking for his blue hoodie (since his hair was impossible to find with all this snow) but he was nowhere in sight "Hello? Jack!"

Suddenly you slipped on a patch of ice and half crashed, half landed on a pile of soft snow behind you. Neither had been there four seconds ago, nor the snickers next to you. Your [f/c] hat was lifted from your eyes, Jack's smirk the first thing you saw.

"So," he crouched in front of you with a rather pleased look on his face "how's the score?"

"4 – 3" you sighed. He always managed to get ahead.

"Three? From where?"

You smiled smugly "I got you with the cell phone, didn't I?"

"That was Jamie!" Jack defended, blushing a cute mix between pink and light blue. You laughed at his face and ruffled his hair. He usually wouldn't let anyone do that to him, but you had never heard as much as a complaint when you did it. Guess I'm special like that, you thought with a smile.

You two had been pranking each other since the beginning of times, to a point where you started counting who could outsmart the other the most. Your last big triumph had been on Halloween, right after watching 'One Missed Call' with Jack and Jamie –the movie wasn't that good, but it did leave you all quite jumpy. Your cousin and you left Jack alone with different excuses, leaving your cell phone behind on purpose.

Jamie had downloaded the tone from the movie into your phone, and when it rang, Jack answered (like he tends to do if you can't reach it before him) with a shaky voice. You came back down after playing him part of a video that sounded a lot like the movie, just to find Jack hiding behind your couch, looking at your phone like the devil himself had just spoken to him.

It took several hours for you to pull yourself together and stop laughing in order to convince him that no supernatural force would knock him off the sky; it took even longer to get him out of the house.

Jack helped you up with an unamused expression, still refusing to accept that you had anything to do with that night.

"Whatever." he mumbled, kicking some snow by his feet.

He could be so stubborn at times, and never failed to look cute every single one of them. Your smile turned funny, but you pulled yourself together before he noticed.

Why was he the only one to get that smile out of you?

"Hey, you can still get me back." You pointed out, earning a lopsided smile from Jack "Although I'd like to think you called me here for more than revenge." Just then, he seemed to remember something important, and his smile grew. Without another word, he took your hand and dragged you behind him.

You surrounded the pond and Jack sat you down on a fallen log, leaving his staff next to you. He raised his hands, silently telling you not to move. You raised a brow, but he simply disappeared behind a bush.

"So, what's the plan?" you asked, brushing some snow off your coat.

"You'll see." Jack replied. He seemed to be about to come out, but froze in place (no pun intended) and hid back down. "Come on, seriously?!" he whispered-screamed.

"Everything okay?"

"Yeah! J-just wait a second!" he rushed to answer, only making your curiosity grow. This last finally got the best out of you, and you made your way to stand behind Jack.

"What's wrong?" you asked innocently. He jumped a little, standing and turning to face you so fast, that you were surprised he didn't trip.

"Nothing." You gave him a look and crossed your arms, humming in disbelief. He sighed a moment later and pulled what was behind his back. The sight made you laugh immediately.

In his hands he held a mid-size plastic bowl, frozen shut to the point of not being able to see what was inside. You covered your mouth, feeling bad at how embarrassed and uncharacteristically shy the winter sprite looked.

"Yeah, laugh it up." He said in frustration, and you really tried to stop. You even bit down on your fist a little.

"I'm sorry, I swear I'm not making fun of you, it's just…" He glanced your way as you searched for words, still laughing lightly "This is the most unbelievable thing that has happened to me on a date. Not the weirdest, though."

He looked up, a small but clear amount of relief and happiness lighting his eyes "Really?"

"Yeah." you admitted before trying to give him some comfort "Really, Jack, it's fine; pretty weird things happen to us humans too."

He smiled sheepishly for a moment, and you smiled too. There was a moment of silence before he asked, "What was it?"

"What was what?" you tapped the frozen plastic against a tree, wondering if it was possible to crack it open.

"The weirdest thing that has happened to you on a date." Jack explained curiously.

"Ah, let's see…" you tapped your chin lightly "There was this guy who took me mud-wrestling like two years ago, although that was pretty funny. Oh, there's also the one that asked me if I had ever tried cat food, like, mid dinner." Jack had the most disbelieving look on his face, and the fact that he was laughing didn't help him in keeping a straight face "There was also a guy who took me to his house, but forgot his keys. He tried to climb in through the window and fell."

"Are you serious?" Jack held his stomach and you started to laugh along with him, rather proud that you got that carefree smile back on his face.

"Who do you think called the ambulance?"

"You've dated some weird people." the winter elf pointed out, wiping a tear from the corner of his eye, and you couldn't help but agree with him.

"Yeah, I've had some crappy dates." you put the container down, taking note that it most likely came from your house, and pointed at Jack "But this will not be one of them; not if I can do anything about it. So let's just skip this and move on to phase 2."

He gave you a look and a small smirk as you dragged him back to the pond by the hand. You could feel how cold he was even through your leather gloves "Phase 2? What makes you think there's such a thing?"

"I know you better than you think, Frost" maybe Jack wasn't the best one to plan something ahead, but he was a master of improvisation.

He shook his head, but smiled at you either way.


"Will you stop that?" Jack looked at you from his side of the pond, landing gracefully after an impressive pirouette.

"Stop what?"

"Using the wind's help to do those things? I look clumsy enough as it is." Actually, you could skate more than decently (the ice blades attached to the bottom of your shoes helped out with that) but compared to Jack, you looked like a dog on roller-skates. Sure he's had 323 years of practice, but still.

"I'm not," he retorted, skating backwards on just one foot "I'm just that talented." Jack took off into the sky, floating by your side as you skated around aimlessly.

"Show pony…" you huffed.

His laughter filled the entire place for a moment, making you smile despite yourself.

"Come on, [f/n]. Here, allow me." he swung his staff to the side, a strong gust of wind effectively turning you so that you were skating backwards "See, it's easy!"

"You do know this only proves you were using the wind, right?" you commented, trying to figure out how to turn back around without falling face first on the ice. He was about to answer when your skates got stuck on the snow at the edge of the pond, and you crashed on your back with a yelp.

Jack rushed over to you, concern washing off his face as he made sure you weren't hurt.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Yeah… Thanks for the warning." Your sarcasm, and the ridiculous amount of snow atop of your head, sent Jack into a laughing fit hard enough to make him drop his staff. He somehow managed to get to you, a hand stretched out to help you while the other clutched his side.

He got a snow ball straight to the face.

To late did you realize what you had done, as Jack only blinked a few times before jumping on you, laughing like a child as he shoved some unnaturally cold snow down your coat, his staff long forgotten on the ice.

Who knows how long you two chased each other, fooling around like children, but it must have been quite a while, considering the moon was now your only light source; that, and the fact that you were both too tired to stand up after you tackled him down seconds earlier.

You laughed along with him, his chest shaking underneath you as you both tried to catch your breaths. Hard to do when you're laughing so much, but you finally managed to pull yourself together.

Just how cold you were hit you abruptly, and you huddled closer to Jack in search for some comfort. You weren't looking for warmth, but rather that pleasant numbness you get from a certain type of cold. Still, your feet hurt, and you wished you had brought thicker socks with you.

You when you started chasing each other, you couldn't even stand with the ice blades still on your boots. And when it came to keeping your shoes on or run from the Frost King, frostbite had been the last thing in your mind.

Big mistake, but you pointedly ignored the stinging on your toes as you looked up at Jack, your chin on his chest.

"Well that was fun." he stretched, resting his head on one arm while his other hand discreetly rested against the tree next to you. Fern-like patterns started to crawl their way up the tree, but you weren't paying attention.

"Yeah..." You sighed and poked his cheek softly "See? I told you everything would turn out okay."

"Guess you were right."

"Aren't I always?" You joked, making him chuckle. You could feel it, more than hear it with your head in his chest as it was. He propped himself up on his elbows, somehow not pushing you off form where you were, and looked down at you with a knowing –and slightly amused– expression.

"What?" you asked, but he remained quiet. You raised a brow and asked again. His eyes landed on the tree to his right, and your own [e/c] orbs followed his gaze. You finally took notice of the trail of frost climbing the tree in swirling patterns. It travelled up into the first branch directly above you, and stopped on a perfect ice mistletoe, reflecting the light from the moon rather beautifully.

You looked down at Jack, trying and failing to give him a poker face as you fought back the dumb smile that wanted to show itself "Seriously?"

He shrugged, flashing you a crooked smile before saying, "What? I'm into classics."

"Into classics." You mocked, pushing yourself high enough to kiss him. It was short, and, granted, your position wasn't the best for it, but it had you both smiling when you parted.

"How's that for a classic?" you whispered. His eyes softened, even though something flashed on then for half a second, and a small, blue-tinted blush took over his cheeks. He bumped you noses together playfully before capturing your lips with his again, deepening the kiss with every second.

The Winter Spirit somehow got you both sitting up, not breaking the kiss for an instant, making things easier for you.

That could have gone on for a while, if it wasn't for a twig snapping a few feet away from you. You both snapped your heads in time to see a small bird flying away.

Jack threw his head back with a groan and you rested yours on his shoulder, laughter bubbling out of the two. That had definitely ruined the moment, but you weren't even remotely mad.

"I should probably get you home." He jumped up and went straight to get his staff.

Meanwhile you tried to stand –rather pathetically– with your feet as they were. Three steps was all you managed before stumbling your way to the snowy ground.

Your hiss of pain caught Jack's attention, "You okay?"

"I think taking my boots off wasn't my best idea." You brushed it off like it was nothing, but he could see right through it. Without second though he picked you up with ease and called the wind.

"I'll come for your things later." He said before you could complain, even if you weren't planning to. The fly home was short, and before you knew it you were jumping inside your room, biting the inside of your cheek as your frostbitten feet touched the floor.

He looked slightly guilty, but you simply flashed him a reassuring smile. It's not like he took off your shoes after all.

"Thanks for bringing me back."

He leaned against the windowsill, twirling his staff lazily but skilfully "Don't mention it. So, you had fun?"

"You know, I actually did." He smiled and you continued "I must say, for your fist time planning a date that was really good."

Jack tipped an invisible hat and winked, making you laugh a little.

The wind howled outside, and Jack tilted his head to the side as he listened. It had always amazed you how they seemed to communicate with each other, but by now you knew it was a normal Jack behaviour.

"Hey, I gotta go, but I'll swing by later to leave you your boots."

"Don't forget the bowl." You reminded him.

He rubbed the back of his neck, staring at you in slight embarrassment "You noticed?"

"I noticed." You said simply, leaning on the window and trying to ignore how cold the glass felt through your clothes "But, Jack, seriously. Thank you."

"I already t-"

"Not for that" you interrupted softly. His azure eyes narrowed in curiosity and he unknowingly floated closer.

"For what?"

You leaned out and pecked his cheek, taking notice of how big his eyes got all of a sudden "For the most normal date I've had in a while." He rubbed his cheek, probably noticing your temperature difference as much as you had.

God, how much you wanted to do that…

The wind picked up in speed, tugging Jack away from your house and practically leaving him hanging upside down. The winter sprite let out a cross between a grunt and a yelp, clearly not liking the element's attitude at the time.

"Fine, fine, I'm coming. Chill out." He gave you a salute and a 'Good night [f/n]. See you tomorrow' before rocketing up into the sky and getting lost among the clouds, leaving a flurry of snowflakes where he had been flying moments ago. You closed the window behind him, wondering if the last part had been meant as a joke.

Next thing you know, Jamie and Sophie are jumping out of your closet and giving you a near heart attack.

"So, how did it go?" the brunet asked after dodging the pillow you threw at him in your panic. Lucky him it was a pillow and not a book.

"Fine." You smiled, but apparently that wasn't the answer he was looking for.

"Just fine? Come on [nk/n], I want details." Jaime said, calling you by one of the many nicknames he and his sister had for you. Sophie hopped up and down next to him, eager to hear what you had done while you were out.

"Did he kiss you?" she asked innocently, her green eyes sparkling even in the darkness of your room. Thank God for the darkness that hid both your blush and your twitching eye. You were far too tired to deal with storytelling at the time.

Jamie picked up on that quickly, like he usually did when it came to whatever ran through your mind, and practically bribed Sophie into leaving your room, assuring her that you would tell them everything tomorrow.

You sighed and plopped down on your bed, not even bothering to take of your snow filled clothes; you were probably going to get sick anyway, so why bother. You glanced up at the moon that shined through the window, smiling like a true idiot as you doodled a heart on the frost-covered glass before falling asleep.

Next morning, not only did you find your boots next to your bed and the 'borrowed' plastic bowl back in the kitchen, but you also discovered both yours and Jack's initials, written in frost, inside the small heart you drew last night.
Sooooooo, what did you guys think? Too much? Not enough? Right on the spot ((That'd be great :XD:))

For this piece I worked along with :iconsenysky: and with our new team member, :iconjppayne:


So, as you guys can guess, this will be a series of chapters, BUT, this is not the sequel to 'My Secret Guardian'. This is an unofficial prequel to the sequel, with some prequels to My Secret Guardian.

How do you tell the difference?
Right next to the chapter's name, you'll see a DURING or a BEFORE, which shows if you're a couple, or still friends.

This will be the type of story in which you don't have to read most of the chapters in order ((except for a two part chapter I'll do later))

Also, about half of the chapters will be in Sky's gallery (decided it was better and faster if we both write this things) so go watch her guys: [link]

And here's the Christmas chapter: [link]

And that's it. ^w^ Thanks for the time (considering you do read this). Comments are always good guys :D
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